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Unity DOTS: System Base

In this episode, we apply the C# Job System to ECS WaveSystem. This gives us the benefits of multithreading with the example ECS System using the newer SystemBase.

Starter Project:

Software: Unity 2019.3.2 with HybridRender Version 0.4.0 and Entities Version 0.8.0 from the PackageManager.

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Blittable types:

CORRECTIONS/UPDATES: You do not need [AlwaysSynchronizeSystem] when invoking Run on the Main Thread.
3069 nanami : Using Entities.Foreach will burst automaticaly?
Lukibilly : Do you have to complete the jobs in SystemBase?
Amazing series btw
GN Development : Take a bow son! Excellent series many thanks.
WHellhaus : Thank you so much for these videos, they've been really helpful for learning. I'm using the 0.11 for entities right now though, and my worker threads aren't doing any work with the JobComponentSystem, it's still all being done in the main thread. I've tried looking at the changelogs between versions, but I haven't really found a reason why this is happening, Is there anything you could point me towards to explain what might've changed in between versions?
Update: Nevermind, turns out I was viewing my profiler wrong and wasn't scrubbing correctly to see what was happening while it was actually in play mode and was just seeing what was happening before and after exiting play mode
Ryan Barr : THANK YOU! With everything changing so quickly, this is the first I've even heard about this, and it's super useful to know
Jackson Fernandes : Cant wait to dots be fully implemented.
Even if i try now, every tutorial on the internet use a different sintax

so i will wait the 1.0 and than convert my project.
Denis Sachkov : bless you
Afropenguinn : I actually think I understand the job system in Unity now, thanks! First video that's really clicked with me.
Dragonfire : Excellent stuff on this channel thx for sharing
Robin Bonhoure : With the new SystemBase I don't think you need the [AlwaysSynchronizeSystem]

GUNPLA Builder's Parts System Base Plastic Model

Thanks for watching. ToyToday channel : )\r
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Thank you.
Peter Panda : Is that a MG model?
NicheNetwork : How am I first?

An Introduction Video for SystemBase

Since established in 1987, SystemBase has steadily introduced innovative and convenient products mainly based on serial communication, succeeded in equipping all product lines from the core semiconductor to serial card, converter, and device server and has been growing into a world-class serial communication company.
Currently, newly developed LoryNet line, using low-power, long-distance LoRa wireless communication technology, which is a core technology of IoT is being supplied to various applications.
Dan Porter : Can the LORY2device be purchased and used in USA? Also will it allow bluetooth mesh to connect to lora nodes?




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