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AGODA Hotel Customer Service: Watch Out!

I had booked my hotel reservation on Koh Samet in Thailand once I arrived to the island. I went to I check-in thirty minutes later, but there was no staff.

There was a sign to call the phone number after hours. I called, but the manager refused to let me check in and kept yelling "do you know what time it is"?

I was upset when the hotel manager yelled at me, hung up on me, and then turned off her phone.

The hotel should have been manned 24 hours, and when I couldn't check-in Agoda should have simply canceled the reservation and refunded my money right away. And I should have never been offered Agoda credit.

It took me right about three hours to get my money back with Agoda. It is a shame Agoda didn't take care of me right away when this happened and I had to wait until the next day until they could finally talk to the hotel.

Here is my story.

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Jason Rupp

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