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How to use LCD LCD1602 with I2C module for Arduino - Robojax

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In this video you will learn How to use LCD1602 with I2C module for Arduino
You will see cursor blinking, cursor not blinking and also you will see how to display special characters on the screen.
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Download the code for LCD1602 with I2C :

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Chapters of this video:
00:00 Start
00:35 LCD1602 and I2C Module explained
04:37 Wiring Explained
05:35 Downloading LCD1602-I2C library
07:13 Code explained for LCD1602

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How to use a breadboard (video) :
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Tutorial by Ahmad Shamshiri form Canada
Arduino Step by Step Course (over 100 lectures) Starts here

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Tutorial by
Get other projects code and learn Arduino
#robojax #robojaxLCD1602

A04b LCD 활용하기 - I2C LCD 모듈 이해

아두이노 우노에서 I2C LCD 1602 모듈을 활용하는 방법
부품 이해

Lesson 22 – 1602A LCD Module

1602A Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) Module. Demonstrate the Elegoo sketch provided in the tutorial covering the LCD Module and simplify the wiring using an I2C LCD adapter module that I purchased separately. A beginner's guide to the Most Complete Starter Kit by Elegoo.

Hello everyone, I'm Rick the Tech Enthusiast here with the next Elegoo Lesson. This is the next lesson on my Arduino UNO Series covering the Most Complete Starter Kit by Elegoo. I try to follow the included tutorial and will point out any changes or corrections as I find them.

As mentioned before, I purchased this Elegoo starter kit and Elegoo isn't sponsoring me. I just thought it would be fun to do a video of each Lesson as I was learning the Arduino environment.

We’ll need a few things from your Elegoo Arduino UNO kit. I’ll list the items below. In this lesson we’re going to check out the LCD display, aka, 1602A LCD Module. I’ll step through the Elegoo provided tutorial, basically build the tutorial’s example circuit to demonstrate the functionality. Then I’ll add a I2C 1602A adapter module to simplify the wiring show the changes to the sketch to make this happen. I hope you enjoy it.

Parts you’ll need for the tutorial:
* Elegoo Arduino UNO R3 board
* The 1602A LCD module
* A 10K potentiometer
* 16 male-to-male jumper wires
* A 220-ohm resistor
* The breadboard

The next lesson will be Lesson 23: Thermometer

This lesson’s sketch and associated drawings can be found at [Github](

Various Parts can be found: (Note these are Amazon Associates links)
(Full Disclosure: I get a little credit/$ if you purchase a linked item.)
* Elenco 350 Piece Pre-formed Jumper Wire Kit on Amazon :
* Logitech M510 Wireless Mouse on Amazon:
* Elegoo EL-KIT-001 UNO R3 Project Complete Starter Kit with Tutorial for Arduino (63 Items) on Amazon:
* Elegoo’s web site

* Fritzing Software:
* Arduino Language Reference (English):
* Arduino Liquid Crystal Display Tutorial:
* Wiring I2C module on 16×2 LCD with SCL/SDA:
* How to Set Up and Program an LCD on the Arduino:
* Arduino LiquidCrystal Library:
* fdebrabander/Arduino-LiquidCrystal-I2C-library:
* OLED Displays with Arduino - I2C \u0026 SPI OLEDs by DroneBot Workshop:

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