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#PetzlTips - Knot at the end of the rope

#PetzlTips - Knot at the end of the rope

Rope too short ➡️ The cause of many lowering accidents.

You must have info on the route you plan to climb and get a rope that is long enough. It can be useful to take a rope that is 5 m longer than the anticipated need. Once on the route, you may discover that reality differs from the description, finding yourself with a rope that is too short.

So, be sure to tie a knot at the end of the rope, ALWAYS!
Stefan Becker : Aus eigener Erfahrung...

Light’s On Episode 4 – UTMB 2021 and After

Light’s On is a series following François D’Haene at the mythic UTMB , which took place from August 23rd to August 29th of 2021.

Time for Episode 4: So what next? After François’ win at UTMB 2021, he describes how the Hardrock 100 just six weeks before UTMB impacted his preparation, mentality, and fitness. A feat which makes his performance at UTMB even more impressive than it already was.

After competing in two different ultras within a six week span, François describes what’s next for him. Of course, this includes a lot of time spent with family, and physical recovery after a very physically demanding summer.

So, what about the future plans ? Well, we don’t want to talk too much, watch the episode to figure it out.

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The Swiss Alps by Ben Winwood
Asturias by Alon Peretz
A Tender Heart by The David Roy Collective
alix volte : Une super série de vidéos ! Merci à François de partager cette expérience avec nous !

#Petzltips - Clipping a quickdraw

#Petzltips - Clipping a quickdraw

You're pumped being efficient while clipping the quickdraw saves energy.
Here are 3 ways to clip a quickdraw depending on the situations you encounter.




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